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Gutter Replacement

Portland Gutter Replacement

5K Style Gutter Design – 30 Custom Colors Available

Gutter Replacement Materials

We purchase CustomBilt Metals top of the line .027 thickness Aluminum gutter material which carries a lifetime warranty for defects, and a lifetime warranty for chip, crack, fade or peel on the painted surface. Aluminum material will never rust! We offer 30 custom colors to choose from for gutter replacement. To view colors click here


We use Heavy Duty Aluminum 2″x3″ radius style downspout materials and oval outlets which provide a smooth flow pattern for water to evacuate from your gutters quickly. If your current downspouts are of the hard angled steel variety, you will be glad you made the switch. We mount the downspout with stand off brackets that minimize vibration from the downspout to the exterior wall. If you have ever had a downspout near your bedroom wall and been kept awake due to excessive noise you will appreciate the noise reduction.

Gutters Are Formed On Site

We custom form the gutter on-site which ensures a “Perfect Fit” on your home. Our forming machine produces seamless or continuous gutters which virtually eliminates seams. Fewer seams equals less chance for leaks. We invested an extra $400 when we purchased our new machine recently to add an extra set of rollers which hems the upper most edge on the back of the gutter, this hem improves the strength of the gutter back by 40% which allows the gutter to hang straighter and truer.

Portland Gutters

Spikes work loose over time and can cause permanent damage to your gutters

Need Gutter Replacement

Hidden hangers with screws are placed every 2ft, screws will not work loose

Hidden Hangers vs Spikes

We use HD Aluminum hidden hangers and place them every 2 feet for optimal holding strength and use #12 Stainless Steel Screws to affix your gutters to the fascia boards and rafter tails which means no unsightly spikes and no more loose fitting gutters which means they will never pull away from the mounting surface. Many gutter contractors still use the Spike and Ferrule method of mounting gutters.  Most place them every 4 ft or every other rafter tail.  The spike loosens very easily if gutters get clogged as it adds additional weight and stress on the spikes holding power.  Once they begin to work loose the holes get enlarged and continue to fail unless re-positioned.  While the Spike method is less expensive in the short run, it is costly in the long run as many gutters fail prematurely as a result of loose spikes.  In fact many gutters are damaged so bad by the spike failure that they require replacement.  Screws and hidden hangers eliminate this problem altogether.  Hangers cost more but will assure long term performance.

Proper Ramping

All gutters are properly ramped to provide flow of water towards the downspouts.  I know this sounds like a simple task when you read it, but frankly it is one of the most common problems we run into out there when installing our covers on existing gutters.  The gutters were not ramped properly when they were installed.  We find this in well over 50% of the time.  It is a very important part of the installation of gutters yet many gutter contractors get it wrong. The only exception to this is where there are problems with settling foundations or sagging roof rafters which prevents proper leveling. In this case we ramp to get the maximum flow the application will allow.


We use a special sealant that allows for maximum expansion and contraction to combat the large temperature swings we experience here in the Northwest.  The cost is twice that of the common sealants used in our market, but the long term performance is excellent which is why we can offer a 10 year no leak warranty.

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What Makes Us Different

Often the difference between our gutters and downspouts and our competitors can be found in the top grade materials we use and the extra care in the installation process. We will never be the lowest price nor the highest, we generally fall right in the middle of the pack yet we offer the best materials money can buy. We find this reduces costly service calls and ensures customer satisfaction. Visit our gutter blog for more gutter info.


Our warranty is straight forward and comprehensive:

  • 10 years no leaks
  • 10 years workmanship
  • 10 years that the gutters will remain affixed to mounting surface
  • Limited Lifetime Materials Warranty which includes no fade, chip, crack, or peel paint warranty provided by the material manufacturer – Custom Built Metals

Other Rainwater System Products Offered

  • Rain Barrels and Accessories
  • Downspout Splash Blocks
  • Downspout Leaf Traps – Mounted In-Line on Downspouts
  • Fascia Board Replacement & Dry-rot Repair
  • Gutter Flashing or Drip Cap